"Maka (tetapkanlah kepercayaanmu) Bahawa Sesungguhnya tiap-tiap kesukaran disertai kemudahan" ( Al-Insyirah : 5)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer's Snow (Part 2)


The next morning, Jeremy went for a jog as casual. He did make one or two rounds around the blocks to get him energize that day. He was considering Wryan’s offer yesterday. Was it rational or unethical? Playing with little girl’s heart? In a positive side, yet, he thought he might know her better. He did have a crush on her before, nut..! Never thought of trying a chance. He was no one in this one big world.

The other thing to think about is how to approach her. He never knew her, what she’d love to do or her favourite. Long making sense of it, he passed Genie’s Bouquet. “Why not,” Jeremy monologue.

So, when he got back to his apartment, he thoroughly called the florist. “I need to make a special delivery please.”


Forwarded to Maximalla Medical Hospital, everyone surrounded a bouquet of roses and lily with wonderful white, purple and red combination. It was fined placed in a crystal-decorated vase and a card placed in between the flowers.

“Uhuh,” don’t touch it, Diane, the receptionist told one of the nurse. “It’s for Dr Dahlia,” she said with a smile. The others replied with envy grinned and guesses.

“What’s with the crowd, “suddenly a familiar voice came from behind. Other nurses give way for her to move in front. It was her all the way.

“Dahlia darling!” Diane greeted happily. “You know you woke up every day with sunshine,” Diane began, that made her confused.

“What’s going on here?” Dahlia asked with a smiled. It’s a bit awkward to her, but she knew Diane got a surprise with her. Dahlia always been soft spoken and with every smile that made people happy and her natural face that suited her character.

Diane lifted up the vase carefully and put it on the counter. Softly she said, “This beautiful gift arrived this morning. I heard it is from the angels. He said it’s from the garden of seven heavens.”

Still awkward to her, she lifted up the vase, which was quite heavy, and drew a frankly don’t-know-what-to-say face. She took her step slowly into her room to inspect it, while her hands softly playing with the flower petals. ‘I wonder who gave it.” She thought for herself. But before she could guess the answer, Shana appeared from nowhere.

“I never wanted to spoil the surprise, so you should be looking at the card right now,” Shana said. Her deep voice made her friend a little bit shocked. Dahlia was in her own world that time.

Taking the note without spoiling the perfect arrangement of flower petals, she said, “When do you starts to be in this such conspiracy, huh?” She put a smile again.

“From the day I knew that you should have someone to take care of you dear…” Shana replied, with victorious grin. “Hit it, girl,’ she said to herself.

Ignoring the presence of her very annoying friend there, she opened the card curiously. It was written there;

“Dinner tonight? I’ll meet you at The House Restaurant…from Mr J.”

“Mr J?” she asked herself loud that Shana heard her. “I don’t even know him and she asked me out?” now her tone was more serious. “Frankly this is insane.”

“No, no, no, Dahlia,” Shana contradicted. “This is not insane and this guy is not what you think he is,” she began. “I know him, frankly speaking, and I wanted you to know him. He’s a great guy and he just wanted to know you. It’s piece of cake here, darling. Why don’t you try? Give him a chance?”

“I hardly trusted people and you wanted me to trust a random guy? You know how I felt about strangers don’t you?”

“You don’t trust stranger yet you can treat them well? Strangers came in and out of this hospital, and you are with them twenty four seven, and yet you say you can never trust strangers?” Shana madly mumbled.

“A’ah, don’t mix work with personnel here dear, how many times I told you not to,” Dahlia protected herself, not listening to her friend.

Shrug her shoulder, putting her arm around Dahlia’s shoulder, she calmly said, “Okay, I’m sorry to be rude and to be too emotional here. But the thing is that I just wanted you to understand people. Know others in this world. Try to mix with them and understand them. Plus, I wanted you to have someone special; who I wanted to trust me that he can take care of you, make you happy every day, and makes you feel life is worth living with the ‘L’ word.”

“I don’t know, Shana,” Dahlia loosed her breathe, “It’s hard for me to open up my heart. I guess I’m not that ready.”

“No one is readily prepared for anything. Even if we planned one thing carefully, there must be something we will be leaking. We can never be perfect. This is a chance for you to learn. Learn to live, and learn to understand the true meaning of living.”

“But my fencing practice is tonight…” she tried to refuse, but with less tense. Shana looked at her unconvincing face and put her best strength to say, “It’s time, Dahlia. It’s the right time, okay,” she kept her shoulder tuck into her.

Suddenly, there was an emergency call. ‘Calling Dr Shana, calling Dr Shana, you have an emergency case in Room 21.”

“I’ll try to think about it, okay,” Dahlia gave her promise to Shana.

“Make up your mind for your own good, friend.”

Shana left her friend to think alone, to decide whether to accept or decline the invitation.

Suddenly, a flash of thought came into Dahlia. “Hey, how do you know this guy?” she tried to yell, forgetting she was in a hospital.

Without turning for any smile to her, Shana put her hand high in the crowd, and waved back to her and gave her thumb up...(to be continued)


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