"Maka (tetapkanlah kepercayaanmu) Bahawa Sesungguhnya tiap-tiap kesukaran disertai kemudahan" ( Al-Insyirah : 5)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer's Snow (part 1)


“I must say that via this research, we will be able to understand the formation of minerals in the caves yet preserve it for sustainable development. Furthermore, the benefit is that we can then find better way to protect these ancient crystals,” Jeremy told the audience, proud and confidence. He was presenting his idea on mineral preservation research project as a part of his duty to the mother earth as an environmental geologist. He hoped to win the boards’ heart as this will be his premier project.

When it all done, he was a bit released, somehow, questions played in his mid. “Did I do it well? Why can’t I present better? What say them?” He looked at each and every faces of the boards, and each of them gives diverse clueless face.

He thought too much and was on his own world, when suddenly his boss awoke him with words, “Well, thank you Mr. Killen. We will notice you shortly. As for me, I am proud to give you the way, but still, I need to consider others.” He understood that he had competitors. There are lots of projects waiting; with all of them have great priority to the Mother Nature.


“Confidence presentation there, dude!” suddenly a voice came shouting into his ears when he came out of the room. He hadn’t done closing the door when Wryan wrapped his hand around his shoulder. Wryan was his college mate and now office mate. They have the same concern to the environment, only that Wryan was the son of the boss. He ministered most projects now. “See you at lunch, I’m sure you gonna love my offer,” he spoke, before left for different direction. Jeremy smiled, looking as his friend disappeared into one of the room. He understand much of Wryan’s attitude, with good promises and but for this afternoon, he’s curious. “What else is he going to offer me?” he asked himself.

Last time when they did hang out together, he promised him to have a chance to speak to the board of the project he just went into. Somehow, he did ask Jeremy a pay; making him run for a jog together at the park, at 3 o’clock in the morning!


That afternoon, Jeremy came early to Roswell Diner. He made a reservation for two; him and Wryan. He got to gave him something good. He had cancelled a meeting with a client for him.

Looking here and there, Wryan was in sight. He ordered a glass of iced tea, but he’s done with it. Even though it’s bottomless, but to refill it is not necessary. He didn’t want to get full without having the best steak in town from Roswell’s kitchen.

Out of nowhere, came a tall guy, with a grey suite. His hair was combed perfectly, and a red tie hanged from his neck. “Finally,” Jeremy said with relief.

“Sorry, bro,” Wryan started with apology, “Vian Corp don’t want to let me go,” he explained. Jeremy nodded, without wanted to know it. He wasn’t that mad. It happened all the time. Even he likes to be punctual, still sometimes he can’t kept the promises to be early.

“Rite, what’s up?” he eagerly asked, cannot wait too long. He’s mind is full of other things.

“Relax, dude. I haven’t placed my order. It’s not a good way to please a client,” he joked, pulling the chair to seat. His eyes hunt for the waiter to order. “I’m thinking mix salad. I got a meeting with Bob and Jake Co. After this,” Wryan explained, with his eyes browsing the restaurant. He still hadn’t catch the waiter.

After a while, came a waitress to entertain them. “Yes, may I help you sir. Have you order your lunch?” They both nodded. “May I make a special offer?” she asked. When saw them agreed, she continued, “Our restaurant is now promoting Asian cuisine. We had spicy crabbed with tomato sauce, chicken sate with delighted peanut sauce, and special spicy Tom Yam. They are all purely Asian, as we have a cook from Thailand.”

Jeremy have had made his choice, and he was firm with his decision. Plus, his hungry stomach can’t think any better than the steak. Wryan seemed stuck to the menu, whether to try the new one or his salad. After sometimes, he spoke, “Well, I will try the chicken sate with the sauce, plus mix salad, and my friend here…” he pointed to Jeremy.

“I’ll just have Roswell’s Best Steak,” he told the waitress.

When the waitress left for the kitchen, Wryan started the conversation again, “You know what, that waitress is damn hot. What say you?”

Jeremy paused. He did try to look at her, but after a while, she disappeared from sight, “Well…Hmm….I think she is good. She fit the criteria for a woman with a boyfriend.”

Suddenly Wryan’s facial expression changed. He knew what on Jeremy’s mind that moment. Tapping his shoulder to get attention, he said, “Bro, I know you still love Emily. I can’t deny she’s gorgeous, ambitious and suits you. But you have to come back to reality. This is not the Cinderella story.” He tapped Jeremy’s check, then continued, “Wake up, dude! There is one big world out there.” Jeremy looked down, saying no words.

“Yeah, I know that. I didn’t think of her much lately. I heard she had someone new…again,” he told the truth.

“That’s why we are here,” Wryan told. Jeremy was shocked, still confused, but still it made his eyebrow rises. His dark hazel eyes widen. “Yeah, that’s why I brought you here.”

“You brought me to this fancy restaurant to meet that girl,” he pointed out when the waitress walked in nearly them.

“No you i***t!” He gave a soft slam at Jeremy’s face. “Let me make the clear point here,” Wryan started. “The truth about the projects you had presented just now is that, it wasn’t that good,” he truthfully spoke. Jeremy’s heart started to pound heart. Depression and loosing he felt. “But, luckily you have me! I am going to make your dream project a reality. I will speak to my dad on behalf of you.”

Hearing that, he was happy. He breathed in relief when Wryan told that. Somehow, he surely knew he has to pay the price. He waited for him to continue speaking.

“You know there’s something I always wanted, rite?” Wryan asked. His friend agreed, and then he continued, “I tell you what. This will benefit us, and especially you. Now, I wanted you to look at the corner table. Tell me what you see. I gave you chances to guess what’s on my mind.

Looking at the table Wryan pointed, he answered, “I see…a woman…discussion…paperwork…”he guessed, but still Wryan didn’t act. It means that it was false. So, he continued, “I see…smile…cute…”

“You’re nearly there, guy, but I think it is a waste of time. Now, let me tell you what’s on my mind. Believe it or not, I see Dahlia Mariele Joanes, and she is the daughter of the famous corporate Ryan Joanes Jr.,” he confidently said, with a high tone that Jeremy clearly heard. “And, believe it or not,” he continued, “I give you three month to tackle that girl and to bring her to the most romantic dinner on Malibu Island…treats on me!” he spoke out loud.

Speechless, Jeremy stood still, His jaw was wide open, and he looked terribly into Wryan’s eyes. He was in fully disbelief. ‘This guy is mad,’ he thought. Before he could put his words to understand the situation, Wryan’s phone rang; he made his way out of the restaurant and never came back. Jeremy stood still, knowing it as the best he could do... (to be continued) 

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