"Maka (tetapkanlah kepercayaanmu) Bahawa Sesungguhnya tiap-tiap kesukaran disertai kemudahan" ( Al-Insyirah : 5)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It was only a DREAM!

what will i tell u guys is not a reality..but, it just for your entertainment! =P
 *          *          *

 I was about to go to my former school. I was waiting for a train to arrive. At that time, i felt that i was a bit late..i was in hurry. Then, 2 trains arrived. I got confused, which train should i take coz my ticket showed that it was train A. The trains showed no signs, neither A nor B. After a few sec, both trains started to depart. I was numb! What a world??! Why the trains took just a few sec for the passengers to embark them? So, i was left behind with full of questions in my mind. Nervousness overwhelmed me as it was the only transportation which was available at that moment. Then, i went to the counter to ask whether they had any suggestion to ensure that i would arrive at my destination on that day. I asked them why the trains just stopped for a few sec..They answered me, "it was your problem". What??! I was so disappointed with the answer. But then, they asked me whether i still want to take the train. I said, "yes". They replied, "give me some cash to get you to the nearby station. i bet we would arrive there at the time the train does". Without further thinking (because i was afraid if i missed the train), i agreed!

Luckily, i arrived earlier than the train. I rushed to the gate near the railway, to ensure that i would easily get the train. I dont know what was really happened, i saw DAFI with a crowd of my friends. Huh?? "What is he doing here?", i thought. Who is Dafi? He was the AF boy. I shake hands with him like we were friends. Even in reality i dont even know him a lot. lolz! After i met my friends, i was walking to get a view of the surrounding. Then i knew that my former school had provided us a free-ticketing bus from that place to the school. What a freak?!! I dont even notified about this before. I had to make a decision whether i still want to travel alone in the deck or travel together with my friends in the bus. Yeah, i made the decision to travel with my friends... On the bus, i had to seat with 3 friends on a double-seat! Could you imagine it?? It was suffocating me either. Yet, it was a fun journey. What the heck??!

Out of the blue, i remembered that my bags were in the deck! Gosh!! 'i have to get it somehow'... then, i called Miley about the stuff. Which Miley?? Yeah, that Miley! MILEY CYRUS! She was my friend. And she was in the coach! I called her as if we were close friends since the childhood age. I told her about my bags and asked to get it in the deck. She was so easy-going person!

 At the time i arrived, the train was there too. Quickly, i got into the train. I found that she (Miley Cyrus), who was wearing kindda hooded shirt, was trying to get my bags. What was freaking me out was...there was a guard to secure my deck. Huh??! Who am i? Am i a VVIP?? who need a bodyguard to secure my place? Pretty nonsense!! I entered the deck and made a conversation with the guard. Luckily, i got my bags back. That was not the ending...

 Just before i want to get out from the deck..ERIC was coming into the deck. Who is Eric?? He was the one who hosted the TV Program eg : Casa Impian. Yeah, he was there! How lucky i am to meet him at that place, at that time. Without a long thought, i asked him some tips on how to make stylish decorations. Blah..blah..blah... Then, i ended the conversation. What a journey for today! tsk... before i stepped out from the train, i was amazed my the surrounding. The surrounding was like a set in classic English movies. The scenery was so serene and the town was so 'old-school' type... i like this!

 i dont really know how the dream was ended. But, that was it. The most shocking part was where i could meet Miley in such a way! hahaha... Hope u were entertained!

 moral of the story : basuh kaki before masuk tidor yer...



  1. such a nonsense dream...yet very interesting.I bet you hope it was a reality right?haha...

  2. nope..but yes for miley only!! ha3.. and perhaps for Eric too if he wants to decorate my house with free-of-charge!


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